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Barkos is proud to be a localization partner for global companies. From South Korea, where Barkos is headquartered, to Europe, and America, Barkos has been helping launch in Korea or abroad. It leverages more than 10 years of experience working and living abroad to bring high quality, well customized work that will make our clients look like a part of the society.

About Barkos

Our Portfolio

Second Chance (United Kingdom) 

Second Chance emerges as the top-tier wholesaler for sports goods in EMEA, with a focus on golf, connected sports technology, cycling, and fishing. Providing comprehensive solutions, Second Chance facilitates the market entry of sports brands and links them to prominent retailers, buying groups, marketplaces, schools, and institutions across EMEA and Asia. The expansive network of Second Chance presently encompasses over 7,500 retailers distributed across more than 40 countries.

How Barkos Partnered

Barkos has been with Second Chance on multiple initiatives, from consecutive interpretation, research, translation and transcreation for proposals since 2020. 

Continental Tires (Germany)

Continental Tires, a division of the renowned Continental technology company established in 1871, is a global leader in tire manufacturing, consistently ranking among the top tire manufacturers worldwide. We specialize in developing advanced tire solutions for sustainable and connected mobility, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and intelligence. Our high-quality tires are trusted for vehicles, machinery, and traffic systems worldwide. With a team of approximately 200,000 professionals across 57 countries and markets, Continental Tires is deeply rooted in innovation, offering eco-friendly, intelligent, and safe tire solutions to enhance your journeys.

How Barkos Partnered

Since 2022, Barkos has held the exclusive role of consecutive interpreter for Continental Tire and its Korean partner. In this capacity, Barkos has transcended language barriers and acted as a cultural liaison, ensuring the seamless progression of their business interactions.

MAF (Italy) 

MAF, an adaptable mobile app marketing platform driven by data and technology, empowers businesses to achieve widespread user acquisition. MAF offers a suite of in-house solutions for creating engaging ad experiences. The user acquisition platform, optimized for performance-based models, leverages diverse media environments, including proprietary apps, an internal SDK, and programmatic/social platforms. Real-time optimization algorithms, unique audience targeting, and interactive ad formats ensure clients meet their objectives. As esteemed partners of Sony Mobile, MAF's mission is to simplify and enhance digital advertising for clients of all sizes, providing access to premium global traffic inventory.

How Barkos Partnered

Barkos partnered with MAF by providing top quality translation services in Korean for their application and website text.

OHouse (Korea) 

OHouse is Korea’s number one interior design app that covers all kinds of services that have to do with housing. From design consulting, tips, to selling products, it is Koreans’ go-to application for any insights or needs related to making their house pretty. 

How Barkos Partnered

Barkos partnered with OHouse as a Korean - English simultaneous interpreter for their weekly meeting. 

Randstad RiseSmart (United States) 

Randstad RiseSmart, a part of Randstad Enterprise and Randstad N.V., excels in worklife coaching and career transitions. Randstad RiseSmart's mission is to enable organizations to optimize their most vital asset—their people. Randstad RiseSmart's coaching-centric approach supports individuals at all employment stages and helps businesses onboard, develop, engage, and transition employees for an exceptional work experience. 

How Barkos Partnered

Barkos is a Korean localization partner of Randstad since March 2023. It has been providing top-notch localization services in website, application, video transcript, and so forth. Additionally, Barkos has been a part of style guide development project to make Korean translation process more seamless and consistent. 

Scale AI (United States) 

At Scale AI, our purpose is to expedite the advancement of AI applications. We firmly believe that achieving the finest models necessitates top-tier data. The Scale AI Generative AI Platform harnesses your enterprise data to tailor potent foundational generative models, securely unlocking the potential of AI. The Scale AI Data Engine comprises all the essential tools and capabilities for data collection, curation, and high-quality annotation, alongside robust resources for model assessment and enhancement. Scale AI drives the most cutting-edge LLMs and generative models globally, with an emphasis on RLHF, data generation, model evaluation, safety, and alignment. Trusted by industry leaders such as Microsoft and Meta, as well as organizations like Fox, Accenture, OpenAI, Cohere, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Airforce, and startups including Brex and OpenSea.

How Barkos Partnered

Barkos delivered top-tier language content development services to support Scale AI's AI development system. We created over 500 pieces of content, spanning from everyday compositions to intricate high-level compositions.

ProtoPie (Korea) 

ProtoPie simplifies the process of transforming UI/UX design concepts into interactive prototypes spanning mobile, desktop, web, and even IoT devices. Designers can experiment, verify, and test their ideas by crafting lifelike prototypes, eliminating the need for coding or engineering assistance. This enhances product quality and speeds up time-to-market, resulting in cost savings. ProtoPie has gained widespread adoption across diverse global enterprises, including Google, Microsoft, GoPro, Samsung, Nintendo, BMW, IDEO, Reddit, Bytedance, Huge, and Verizon, revolutionizing their prototyping practices and contributing to more refined and efficient product development.

How Barkos Partnered

Serving as ProtoPie's English to Korean translation collaborator, Barkos delivered exceptional, high-quality translation services for blog posts and articles. This partnership resulted in a remarkable 50% surge in blog post views on ProtoPie's platform within just three months.

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